Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I've been doing a lot of spiritual work lately and have been asking TJ and my ancestors to help guide me in my journey as a healer.  And the dream I had last night involved the ancestors, just not mine.

I was walking down an alley, towards home, when I saw a big rehearsal happening behind one of the fences.  It was magnificent singing in another language.  I lingered to listen and peek through the fence slats.  After they finished their song they spotted me and got very upset.  They said this concert costs thousands of dollars to attend and I owed them.  I offered them an item of mine (not sure what it was) and then they said they wanted more.  Said they needed a turn table.  I told them I had one of my husbands old turn tables and turned to walk home when I saw a limo pulling up.  The concert people were playing music, kinda like DC go go, with the drum beats.  A whole bunch of old black men started filing out of the limo singing and dancing along to the music.  And then TJ walked from the other side of the limo near the drivers side and joined the other men hip to hip, arm over shoulders, swaying and singing.  When I went to go hug him, he didn't really acknowledge me when I tried to join them.  All of a sudden my friend John was there behind me and he said "aw man, someone should be recording this!"  and I jumped at the chance.  I had to have this on video since I didn't really have anything of TJ like this to remember him by.  I panicked trying to get my phone, afraid they would stop singing and swaying together.  Finally, I was able to record.  I recorded the entire song and when the space to record ran out it became a file I could upload.  When I looked away from the scene of TJ and the men and checked the file on my phone it was a photo of the blank space in the alley rather than the limo and scene I had witnessed.  The photo of the alley had a caption under it already, though I don't know exactly what.  I burst into tears.  I didn't get it.  No one else saw them.  John had been talking about the singers from another country, not the scene I had witnessed with TJ and who I know were his ancestors (Uncle Spud was there, too).  I cried and cried as I looked at this picture of where they would have been and some of the letters began to disappear from the caption.  When the letters stopped disappearing one by one I was left with this

"I   u   miss".  And then I cried even harder.