Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Humble Request To My Readers

As some of you may know, I have written a book based on this blog and it is currently in the process of being edited for publishing.  My request to you, dear readers, is this: 

If my writing has inspired you, caused you to reexamine the way life shows up for you, or have been affected positively in some way by my writing (widow, widower, or no) I would be honored to hear about your experience as a reader.  I request, and invite you, to share with me your thoughts about my blog and how it has played a part in your own personal journey through life.

If you are inclined to accept this request, please send all comments and correspondence about your experiences to:


At the discretion of my editor, some comments may be selected to be published as testimonials for the body of work that is my blog.  If your submission is selected, you will be contacted and your permission will be requested to include your comments in the publication of my book.

As always, it is with immense gratitude that I thank you for your support.  I feel your presence and I continue to be moved.

Be well, my loves. 

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