Friday, April 13, 2012

Me and You

Friday September 28, 2001 13:28:13

I'm at work and U2 is playing; I have top stop typing and thank God for you.  It's a song where he's talking about how he feels dirty, and this woman cleanses him.  That's exactly what you do for me.  I see so much purity in you.  I feel as though I have it because I have you.  I have to go, it's hard to write emails in here, too many people watching.  I love you.

Thursday May 17 2001 18:05:29

The promise of you is what raises me out of bed every morning.  Without the knowledge that improving my life will improve our life, continuing would seem almost impossible.  The memory of you both hurts and elevates me.  Which part I choose to focus my attention on is what keeps me breathing.  I know that both our futures will be the same intimate, passionate story.  I love you.

Tuesday December 11, 2001 18:05:16

I'm sorry I haven't been around to talk.  I've been getting back really late the past couple of days.  But seeing you made me fall in love with you again.  There was something so sweet about the whole night.  You always leave me needing more, whether we've been together for four hours or four straight days.  The craving I have for you doesn't know time.  I miss you.
I love you,

Thursday May 11, 2000 02:04:01

My ICQ was messed up so I couldn't write you, and I didn't want to call because of Cori, but I'm sorry at any rate.  I'm about to go to bed.  Every night I think about how much I miss being with you at night, and how, when we are together, I fall asleep satisfied and fulfilled in every way.  I miss the noises you make before you fall asleep.  I begin and end the day pretending you're with me.  It's the main reason why it's so hard to get out of bed in the morning-- I'm never finished kissing you.  Goodnight,

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