Friday, December 9, 2011

Making Mixes

I'm sending something off in the mail for a friend.  I always include a mix of new songs to send.  Every time I burn a disc, I find myself trying to figure out what to write on it.  I thought to myself "I'll just write I love you".  And then I remembered...

Four Christmases ago, there was this god awful song that was on the radio by Heidi Klum.  TJ thought it was hysterical, and it just annoyed the living shit out of me.  He knew all he had to do to get a rise out of me was say (in at thick German accent) "wonderland wonderland shining star jingle bells".  I mean, really?  What kind of chorus is that?  Anyway, one morning I got in the car to go to work and low and behold that fucking song was on the radio.  Or was it?  When I stopped grumbling, I realized it was my CD player that was turned on.  Not the radio.  Coming to the realization that my car had been broken in to for a covert operation, I immediately started laughing.  I eagerly skipped to the next track, knowing how amazing TJ's mixes always were, and wondering what good stuff was on it after this train wreck of a song.  But every song, all 8 tracks, were this damn song.  I can't remember laughing that hard ever before or ever since.  I was in tears, thinking of how ridiculous the song was, thinking about how much time he put into this prank, thinking of how much he must love me to try to make me laugh so much.  I ejected the CD and it said "ha ha ha, I love you".  I think it's probably the best title for a mix that I've ever seen.

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