Monday, October 17, 2011

Courtney Luck: List Maker

It's a beautiful day.  I took my lunch to the park and found a nice half shaded picnic table.  I always carry a note pad around just in case the urge strikes me to write.  Or make another list.  I keep them all in my notebook so I can reflect on them, too.  I made several lists at a time today.  While I sat in the sun and enjoyed the breeze, I wrote...

What Do I Want?
a job I look forward to going to every day
a cozy little apartment of my own
self love
ability to make my own happiness
visit all 50 states
conserve my energy for the things that matter
mutual relationships
write a book
live healthy
outdoor seating/fresh air
an apartment with utilities included in the rent
being in a position to make a relatively significant difference for others

As I looked up from this first list, I found a curious sight.  A young man, about 18, who decided the picnic table right in front of me was a great place to work out.  He was in a ball cap, low slung jeans, and a wife beater.  He proceeded to check his cell phone repeatedly, then progressed to doing several reps of push-ups and hanging from the beams to do chin ups.  It's wasn't as distracting as it was ridiculous.

And now on to my next list...

What do I want my new life to be like?
no debt
loving relationships
comfortable in my own skin and mind
Then I wrote "Side note: there are way too many sirens around here!"

There really have been an excess amount of ambulances and fire trucks in and around my neighborhood.  I don't like it.  The sound makes me cringe.  I just pray they aren't too late, like they were with TJ.

Things I'd like to work on:
quelling my desire to please others first
worrying about what others think
getting healthy
depending on others for my own happiness
expecting to figure it all out
expecting others to reciprocate love
mirroring others behavior to try and find myself
quit waiting for opportunities to magically land in my lap
bending and changing to suit others
fear of telling someone what I really feel
Remembering that I am not being punished

Qualities I like about myself:
genuine love for others
sense of humor
lust for knowledge
hard worker
emote well/ able to find good words
good communication
I am pretty and smart
I like my eyes, my cheeks, and my chin

By this point in my afternoon, I was distracted once again. This time a huge hawk landed on the roof of the pavilion to my left.  It was holding something with a long tail in its talons.  As it flew away to meet it's other hawk companion, it dropped what it was holding; a squirrel; then quickly caught it before it slid completely off of the roof.  They were huge, and made loud cawing sounds to one another.  I literally said "whoa" out loud, Bill S Preston Esq style.

Jobs I would Enjoy:
college professor
NPR reporter (I think I have a great voice for this)

Several of these will require a masters degree of some sort.  And others I really have no idea what those professions entail or require in an applicant.  I have some research to do.  I'd love to hear some feed back regarding my career speculations.  I'd also welcome new suggestions, if you care to post them in the comments section.  I know there are virtually tons and tons of different jobs out there, and I am feeling a bit limited when I made my list.  Brainstorming with others is always good.

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  1. I love making lists. I carry a notepad in my pocket all the time (People laugh at me for "still writing things down," to which I say that I stay analog...don't like using the phone for these things). I keep one by the bed, and I just write down everything. It can make you surprisingly productive, and I think it's great to self-evaluate and put things in writing to consider. Make a map or a plan for your course of action.

    As for writing a book, November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). No time like the present to get started!